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We offer exceptional acoustic guitar tuition with classical repertoire from experienced teachers fully trained in the Colourstrings-Kodály principles.  Our teachers provide high quality instruction to students of all ages and abilities, helping to develop musical skills and a passion for music in a fun and creative way. Find out more about our guitar teachers below!

Janos Agocsi smiling at the camera

Janos Agocsi

Head of Guitar

Janos Agocsi was born in Southern Hungary, land of the red, hot chilli paprika and the Kodaly Method. After studying guitar at the Zoltán Kodály Conservatoire, he graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music with a degree in classical guitar. 

Janos taught guitar in Hungary in several music schools and later in Munich. He was a lecturer at the University of Augsburg in Germany, where many of his students went on to become professional musicians. At the same time, Janos was playing classical guitar in concerts and composing for his jazz band, Eos.

Seeking streets paved with gold, Janos moved to London to pursue his career as a composer, producer and private guitar tutor. He played with various bands all over Europe and whilst living in San Francisco, played numerous classical concerts.

Apart from teaching at the North London Conservatoire, and privately, Janos composes music for films and arranges music for guitar ensemble.

Dimitar Daskalov holding his guitar, smiling at the camera

Dimitar Daskalov

Dimitar Daskalov (pron. Demeeter), born in Varna on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, discovered his passion for music very young when, despite no music in his family, he showed an astonishing ability to sing an extensive repertoire of songs by the age of four.  A serious playground accident left him with a severe head injury, causing loss of this ability, among other changes and recovery was long and difficult.  At six, however, he was enrolled in guitar lessons and progressed steadily.  He later began to excel and his decision to dedicate himself fully to the guitar led to successful acceptance by the Sofia Conservatory, the only one of thirteen applicants all vying for one place.

Before long, in search of better-quality tuition, Dimitar travelled to Switzerland to study at a conservatoire with the renowned George Vassilev, with whom he gained his first and second degrees.  His passion for singing and song writing was also reignited here.

Eventually, Dimitar arrived in London, where fortunate circumstances brought him to Colourstrings in Muswell Hill.  He has taught guitar at the Conservatoire for over a decade. He also met his wife here and started a family, bringing further richness to his own life.

In addition to teaching, Dimitar’s journey has steered him towards exploring the realms of recording and producing music: collaborating with his original band, case49, he indulges his passion for creating and performing music, through which he can unleash a different artistic vision.

Ennio Salvemini smiling at the camera in black and white

Ignazio (Ennio) Salvemini

"I was born in the sunny side of Southern Italy in the region of Puglia. I grew up playing football in the street and music was everywhere and the first time I heard a record, I fell in love.  At that moment I decided to learn an instrument when one of my cousins gave me an old guitar… it was falling apart, but it was the beginning of a journey that continues today. 

"I started playing rock music, trying to replicate what I heard from the records that I loved and soon found myself in bands travelling around venues and cities in Italy. 

"Later I started studying and playing Jazz and Classical music, learning the trumpet and double-bass, instruments that I now perform in many line-ups around London for different types of event. I also produce music for commercials and short movies with a collaborative project, Al Fresco Production. This gives me the joy of composing music with no boundaries between genres and styles.

"One of my favourite activities is collecting vinyl (still!) and spending time listening to these old records like the first time I saw a record spinning when I was a little boy. I think the first record I ever owned was Help by the Beatles, a present from my Dad!"

Jiva Housden

Michael Butten smiling, holding his guitar

Michael Butten

Michael Butten is a classical guitarist based in High Wycombe. He started learning the guitar at eight years old after being enamoured hearing some busking musicians in the Philippines playing Hotel California, so his parents bought him a guitar and he began lessons at school when they returned.

Michael has gone on to win prizes at some of the most prestigious guitar competitions in the world, including 2nd prize at the Tarrega Competition 2023 in Benicassim, Spain and 2nd prize at the Guitar Foundation of America soloist competition in 2019.

Apart from music, Michael enjoys walking his two dogs and following sport, particularly Liverpool Football Club!

Nikoletta Duszka

Nikoletta’s Hungarian heritage was always a strong part of her childhood.  Piano and guitar study led her to the Liszt Academy in Budapest but an interest in flamenco, gypsy and Hungarian folk music, singing and dancing brought her to Granada, Spain where she worked in an orphanage in order to experience the spirit of flamenco in everyday life.

On returning home, she took various jobs, then travelled to India for a few months to learn sitar and kathak dance, followed by studying Sanskrit at a Buddhist college in Budapest.

Nikoletta Duszka smiling, peeking over the edge of her guitar

Niki moved to London in 2011, joining The North London Conservatoire Kindergarten and Guitar teams in 2013 and 2016. Courses such as the Kodály Seminar in Kecskemét and Kokas and Ringató Pedagogy in Budapest have kept her busy.  Recently, she enrolled at Middlesex University for a Music BA and still intends following many other plans, including studying music therapy.

Niki loves the visual arts - drawing, photography and creating plasticine figurines in miniature worlds. Ayurveda, yoga and a healthy lifestyle are also becoming more and more important in her life.

Sabino de Bari smiling at the camera while the sun sets

Sabino de Bari

Sabino de Bari is from Italy and graduated in Composition (cum laude) and in Classical Guitar.  From an early age, he loved the versatility of the guitar, with its potential for discovering and exploring new sounds!  In line with this, he plays the fretless guitar and the decacorde (ten strings guitar)! His extensive performing experience includes recordings and collaborations since 2001, performing as a soloist and ensemble leader in various international music festivals and contests.

Sabino has released many solo guitar albums (Pas De Chat, In Lontananza) including Nubes and Loop Quantum Gravity for decacorde (10 strings guitar) and ensemble music albums (Voices, Lo Racconta Il Mare, It’s All We Have) and other artists have also recorded his chamber works.  He collaborated as composer and guitarist in the project "On A Cloud" with Diana Torti, among others and he has won prizes in international competitions for his work.

Alongside his activity as a guitar teacher, he is a Professor of Composition at the London Performing Academy of Music.

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